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The United States Versus Omicron

Within a few days from starting 2022, the Omicron variant still continues to shatter records in the United States. Recording a staggering 59,521,277 cases just yesterday, the experts say the peak is still remotely far away.

As we learn more about this new variant, it seems to spread faster by the minute. Although noticeably causing less severe illness than previous variants, Omicron also leads to fewer hospitalizations and deaths. It has also been reported and observed that an Omicron infection may protect against later infections with the Delta variant.

These have led to millions of questions leaving the U.S, a nation of speculation.

How will we fare against the current Omicron surge and its possible aftermath?

VAXGuard takes a closer look.

Will Omicron finally bring the United States to Herd Immunity?

The concept of herd immunity only works as an idea of a virus disappearing on its own because it can’t find enough hosts to keep itself going.

This is not the case with the current Covid wave. On record, Omicron is too widespread and too well adapted to the United States. Also on record, the CDC reports that only 62% of the whole population is vaccinated.

SARS-CoV-2 has a lot to go on with the remaining 38%. Omicron is not going to make Covid-19 magically disappear.

But by some time in 2022, the United States could be a much more manageable situation, as with the rest of the world, where the leading vaccines help to keep the virus and its variants in check.

Will Covid become endemic?

When a virus becomes endemic, the number of infections every year per capita is at a constant baseline level. A virus that has become endemic will tend to become much like chickenpox, infecting people at a steady rate year in and year out.

Today, Covid-19 is still not endemic. At present, getting vaccinated will help us manage future waves to come. New variants may and will evolve but with immunity rising within the general population, people who have been infected and those who have been vaccinated will make it harder for new variants to find a vulnerability in their hosts.

Omicron, a clear and present danger to immunity.

Omicron is a variant that is milder but spreads faster, this much has been clear from the onset. Delta has been seen at its most prevalent nature in every state, but Omicron rising has led to more infections and reinfections.

You can’t look at one without looking at the other. Both are equally damaging, but Omicron, a variant that causes less severe disease, has left us to deal with more seriously ill people in our hospitals with Delta in the background.

The unvaccinated are the target, and Omicron is a clear and present threat to their and everyone’s immunity.

Omicron, The Story Thus Far.

There is consistency to the data and the story it tells. Omicron in every aspect is significantly milder but nevertheless, dangerous. Because Omicron is so contagious, it has led to an explosion of cases. Many hospitals are running short of beds and staff, partly because of Covid-related absences.

As of January 13, 2022, more than 78 million people across the United States have received a #COVID19 booster dose. However, 54% of people eligible for a booster dose have yet to get theirs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports.

What You and I Can Do

Urge people to get booster shots, recommend social distancing, wearing KN95 or N95 masks, and let us encourage our local governments and businesses to mandate vaccination. All of these measures can dramatically reduce the spread of Covid 19, Omicron, and its variants.

Safety is still key. Following protocol is a must. The United States has the tools, we only need to access and use them in the proper way.

The right way.

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