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How to Interpret Test Results 

Blood Test


  • Male age 65

  • Not previously infected with COVID

  • Pfizer Vaccine

    • Received first shot of Pfizer vaccine on 1/14/21

    • Received second shot of Pfizer vaccine on 2/4/21

  • Neutralizing Antibody Test

    • Underwent neutralizing antibody test on 10/25/21

      • Test results showed <90 Neutralizing Antibodies (Negative) 
        (Inadequate amount of protective neutralizing antibodies)

    • Patient decided to undergo neutralizing antibody testing again on 10/31/21

      • Test results confirmed <90 Neutralizing Antibodies, further proof of waning immunity level.

  • Moderna Booster

    • Patient received Moderna booster (1/2 dose) on 11/5/21
      (Decision to elect Moderna vaccine over Pfizer due to efficacy data)

  • Follow-up Neutralizing Antibody Detection Test

    • Patient received a follow-up neutralizing antibody test on 11/25/21

      • Test results showed >150 Neutralizing Antibodies or Positive results with adequate adaptive immunity level as protection against COVID 


Understanding your Test Results 

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